About Christian Action Asia

Christian Action Asia (CAA) is a US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that is helping facilitate the rescue and nurture of abandoned and orphaned children and youth on the Tibetan Plateau in China's Texas sized province of Qinghai.  We’re working to restore to some of society’s most rejected children the opportunities they’d otherwise receive if they had a family of their own.  

CAA is an advancement support office to our parent organization Christian Action Hong Kong (CAHK) which is a Hong Kong registered charitable organization that was established in 1985.  Our purpose and mission is:  1)  To educate the public in the United States generally about the charitable work CAHK is doing with orphaned, abandoned and handicapped children in the People's Republic of China (PRC).  2)  To provide a United States based support network for CAHK'scharitable work in the PRC.

About Christian Action Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, CA serves refugees, ethnic minorities, abused domestic-helpers, new arrivals from China and other needy groups. It is also one of the region's largest providers of retraining services. In 1993 Mrs. Cheung-Ang Siew Mei, Executive Director of Christian Action had a vivid, powerful dream that changed her life, and began a new era of humanitarian service, helping orphans in mainland China. The dream was about a newborn baby girl who was abandoned because of her sex, and because of her parent's extreme poverty. In the dream, it was clear to Siew Mei that without help, this child was destined to die without ever experiencing love, care and hope.

As a result of the dream and a series of related events, Siew Mei conducted extensive research into orphanages in China, which led to the signing of a joint venture agreement with the Qinghai Civil Affairs Bureau in 1997 to co-manage the Xining Children’s Home, a place for orphaned and abandoned children.

Since then, Christian Action has also been instrumental in helping the government to open and co-manage the province’s very first children’s rehabilitation centre. This state-of-the art facility not only serves the orphanage but also decreases child abandonment in the entire city of Xining by educating and assisting parents of children with disabilities and special needs.

Currently Christian Action is co-managing 5 children's homes located in prefectures throughout Qinghai Province where nearly 800 children and youth are being served.  In the future, CA has been asked to co-manage a total of 8 children's homes (located in each one of Qinghai's prefectures).  Some of these homes will also include rehabilitation centers. The joint venture between Christian Action and the provincial government will benefit over 2,000 children. What is remarkable is that it is practically unheard of for an organization to be invited to partner with a provincial government on such a large scale in China.

Perhaps one of the greatest acknowledgements of Christian Action's services occurred when the national Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs in Beijing, announced its decision to invite national orphanage directors and special needs centre operators to visit Christian Action’s Xining Children’s Home as part of its new training curriculum.