As If They Are Our Own

As If They Are Our Own

For many years, Christian Action Executive Director Mrs. Cheung-Ang Siew Mei has called upon the Christian Action Staff to serve and nurture the Children of Qinghai as if they are our own children. This mindset ensures the children will be provided an extra measure of sacrificial love and care.

Recently, the Huangnan Children's Home, which is one of five children's homes that CA co-manages with the government, was awarded the Advance Social Organization Award.

Christian Action social worker, Ms. Xiao Qi, was also awarded the Outstanding Social Worker Award by the Qinghai Social Work Association. This is the first time the Association has presented the award in Qinghai!

Xiao Qi, who has served with Christian Action for almost ten years, shared with us, "Due to differences in customs, languages, and professional expectations, I was overwhelmed at first. Gradually I overcame it and finally recognized my own worth and the community benefits of professional social work. I thank Christian Action, my supervisors and friends for their support."

Xiao Qi has been instrumental in providing hope and purpose to so many children and youth. Next month we tell the story of one of them.

For now, we congratulate Xiao Qi for being so wonderfully acknowledged by her peers and express our thanks to her for treating the Children of Qinghai like her very own!

You can help support CA’s efforts in rescuing, nurturing and serving the children and youth living in Qinghai by visiting our donate page – your gift is greatly appreciated!

Back to Serve

Back to Serve

What a joy it is to see children that were rescued, nurtured, and cared for in the Christian Action Children’s Home in Qinghai on the Tibetan Plateau come back as adults to visit! It's even better when they return to serve - it completes the full cycle of saving, healing, and serving.

This May, we welcomed back Abigail and Bingjie, two former Christian Action children, who were adopted by two U.S. families at the age of 14 and 13.  They have come back to receive training for one month to prepare them for service in the Xining Children’s Home in Qinghai for the next six months.

During their stay in Hong Kong, the two Christian Action ambassadors got to know more about CA's ministries, visit various service centers across the territory, and acquire new skills necessary for them to serve in Qinghai.  Beginning this June, they will put their love in action by taking care of the orphans in our Children's Homes in China. Having once been helpless orphans, they understand exactly how much love and care they need to share with others who are now on the road they once traveled.

Some of our former orphans have made amazing strides in their respective fields. While it's always good to know that the children from the Children’s Homes Christian Action co-manages have gone on to live fulfilling lives, our dream is for adopted children who have left China to return one day to help those who remain in need in Qinghai.

Your continued prayers and support make this dream a reality!

Full Circle for Two

Full Circle for Two

Since 1997, Christian Action has helped to rescue, nurture and provide hope and purpose to almost 1,500 orphaned, at risk, and disabled children and youth in Qinghai Province/Northwest China.  Of these, 30 have been locally adopted in Xining City and 201 have been adopted internationally.

Christian Action Executive Director, Mrs. Siew Mei Cheung, has long felt that it could be beneficial for Xining Children's Home "Alumni" to return to Qinghai to learn more about their country and culture of origin, while expressing thanks to those who previously cared for them; along with raising awareness for the needs of abandoned and orphaned children in China.

We are excited to report that this May, Abigail Wrynn Hu Yang Anderson and Liu Bingjie Turner will be arriving in China to spend seven months serving alongside the Christian Action Team, getting reacquainted with their culture, while encouraging the children and youth in the children's homes, as well as the local social workers serving the kids.

Abigail was 14 in 2003 when she was adopted from Christian Action’s Xining Children’s Home in Qinghai. Now 28, she lives in Virginia where she has completed her training as a General Office and Administrative Assistant.  Abigail desires to bring more awareness to a broader audience—especially within the adoption community—about the children that got left-behind in the children’s home. On the subject of returning of Qinghai, she says, “[The other orphans] need love and care as well and hopefully we can show other adoptees that they too can go back and lend a hand.”

Bingjie was also adopted from Christian Action’s Xining Children’s Home in 2003, when she was 12 years old. Now 26, she lives in Washington State and has trained in Occupational Therapy, Psychology, and Sociology.  She is currently a preschool Lead Teacher.  She told us of her passion to give back in a previous CAA blog, “I am happy that the children (in Xining Children’s Home) are getting the care they need.  I know the money I donated wasn’t much, but at least they’ll know I never forgot them and I never forgot who I am. I am hoping to do more for the children when I achieve my dream. I want to help them to be strong and hopeful; living their lives to the fullest.”

Both Bingjie and Abigail lived together at Xining Children’s Home and have first-hand knowledge of orphan needs and care.  They both were adopted and have since fostered a desire to return and lend a hand to the children who were not adopted.  Christian Action’s new program, Returnees Serving Qinghai Children, provides an opportunity for Bingjie and Abigail to come full circle and to observe, learn and assist those at the children’s home. They will also help by developing short-term programs, leading activities for children and youth, and assisting with the training of local child welfare workers who serve at the children’s homes which Christian Action co-manages. The project will include one month in Hong Kong where Abigail and Bingjie will receive an in-depth introduction to Christian Action’s ministry and services, before spending the following six months serving in Qinghai. Hopefully, many more of our alum will see the fruit of this program and wish to come full circle as well!

The total cost for the 7-month project is $10,000 per person.  This covers all airfares, insurance, visas, local transportation, training, basic allowance, lodging, etc.  We would be thrilled if you help Bingjie and Abigail with your prayers and support in attaining their goal to return to serve those who did not get the chance they did.

Any amount will help make this new opportunity a success, blessing the returnees, orphans and at-risk children living in Qinghai on the Tibetan Plateau.  With your help, it is our hope that many more adoptees will desire to become a part of this wonderful project in the future. For ways to give, visit our donation page.

If you’d like to directly support Abigail, Bingjie, and future alumni who return to Qinghai to serve, be sure to write “Returnees Program” in the memo line of the check or in the comments section of a credit card transaction.

For further questions regarding this project please contact Kerry Schottelkorb at (909) 599-2977 or email him at: