Your support will help him and hundreds more children in Northwest China!


Ming joined the Christian Action family when he was only six days old and everyone who has had the privilege of looking after him has been smitten by him.

Ming was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus.  When he was only two months old this tiny infant was transferred to Beijing where he stayed for eight months while he underwent extensive treatment.  He returned to Xining in March 2012 and we immediately placed him in foster care, knowing that he would continue to be loved.  He has a very easy going nature, which makes it easy for his foster mother to have him in her home.  She says that he is a real blessing to her.


Thanks to you, our supportive donors, Ming is getting the medical treatment he so desperately needs.  Unfortunately, what he is receiving is not going to be enough.  He is going to need ongoing physical therapy.  Then, because he won’t be admitted to the mainstream school system on account of his paraplegia, he’ll be attending our school for special needs children at Xining Children's Rehabilitation Center.

Currently Ming is in Hong Kong receiving specialized medical care not available to him in the mainland.  He is being lovingly fostered by Connie and Ben, a couple Mrs. Siew Mei Cheung met because Connie was visiting a relative who was sharing Ming's room at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong!  Since meeting and hearing Ming's story, Connie and Ben have committed to fostering Ming throughout his stay in Hong Kong.

Would you consider partnering financially with Christian Action Asia? This will insure that we can continue to train and equip Ming’s therapists and teachers in China so they can not only continue to give Ming the best care, but also his 'brothers and sisters' at Xining Children’s Home.  We also would appreciate your prayers for Ming’s progress over the next few months as he undergoes his treatment process.