Qun (Chin) is too young to understand what is happening to her.  She was only a few days old when the person she should have trusted most in the world left her (with a broken arm) to be picked up by strangers and handed to the police.  We are so grateful that the police know that Christian Action is always willing to love and care for any child who needs a home.

The staff in the neonatal room at Xining Children's Home spent the next three months giving Qun all that every baby needs:  nourishment to build her up, and a safe, loving environment.

Qun certainly needed to be strong enough for what she would be facing next, because none of the  Xining doctors were experienced enough to treat Qun’s condition it was decided to bring her to Hong Kong as soon as possible for care.


Dr. Liu, a long time friend, volunteer and supporter of Christian Action, diagnosed Qun as having the most severe case of Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC) he had ever seen. Her little hands and feet are severely constricted at the joints, and Dr. Liu is seeking advice from various consultants from all over the world.  This will mean a long and complicated therapy and surgery.  Even though it will be costly, CA still adheres to what God has instructed us, to treat each child as if he or she were our own. Typically, AMC is not a progressive disorder and offers some hope for a productive life.

Qun will not give up easily because she has no hesitation in letting us know that she doesn’t like it when strange doctors at Prince of Wales Hospital examine her to try and determine the best course of treatment for her!  Although everyone is doing their best to comfort this precious little girl, she cries a lot!  It’s difficult to witness her distress.

CA has arranged for Qun to live with a loving foster family while she is in Hong Kong for treatment.  Sponsoring a child helps Christian Action nurture and care for hundreds of abandoned children like Qun and makes sure that they have the opportunity to lead the full   life that every child deserves.