Zheng Si Lin was born with congenital cataracts. His biological parents loved him dearly so they left a note with the little boy whom they were unable to care for.  That note will be such a blessing to Si Lin when he is old enough to understand that he was truly loved by his parents.  He was brought to Xining Children’s Home where he found the security, warmth and love that he needed and which his birth parents wanted for him.  A few weeks later, there was another blessing when a visiting doctor told our nursing consultant that it would be best if his cataracts were removed before he was six months old.


Shortly thereafter, Si Lin traveled to Beijing, to have the cataracts removed and gain his sight.  He was further blessed by being cared for during his recovery by Beijing’s Blue Sky Healing Home.  When Si Lin returned to Xining Children’s Home, yet another very special blessing awaited him – he went to live with an English speaking foster family. They cared for Si Lin until this year when an American family was given approval to adopt him.  Si Lin, now known as Judah has also been blessed with a Chinese brother, Christian and a sister, Sophie.  Judah, now two years old, is currently having artificial lenses placed in his eyes, and I am sure he would tell us what a very great blessing it is not to have to wear his spectacles anymore!

This past February, after saying goodbye to his foster family and the staff at Xining Children’s Home Judah headed to his new home in the USA with his forever family.  His new forever mother wrote to us saying:

Thank you! We love him! He is so precious to us! God has provided so abundantly in his sweet life! I want people to hear how your work has made such an impact!
I cannot express my joy! Si Lin/Judah is our third child we've adopted from China, our second special needs child. This adoption has been an incredible journey! We've been blessed with so much history on Judah and have met so many people who have loved him and helped him get to his forever home. We've not had any of this info for our other two (adopted) children and we were not expecting this for Judah! I am overwhelmed by God's grace and provision and I'm ready to come back for a fourth! :) Please continue to serve and know that your work is priceless!