Many years ago one of our children in Xining Children's Home was adopted. Her name is now Bingjie Turner.  When Bingjie heard that we are raising funds to support our Bridging program for youth who have to move from Xining Children's Home to the Xining Social Welfare Institute, she wrote us the following letter...

I have been doing very well. As for right now I am working at the YMCA in Bellevue, Washington as an Assistant Teacher in the infant program. I have been working there for 9 months now. I really enjoy working with children; I never thought I’d have the patience to work with infants.
Meanwhile, I am working towards making my dream come true; I want to go to South Korea to become a South Korean rap artist. I went to Los Angeles, California in March and did an audition for Loen and Starship Entertainment global audition and I also went to Vancouver, Canada on August 1st for K-pop Star Global audition. I had so much fun in both of those auditions even though I didn’t pass the auditions; I haven’t given up on making that dream come true. Right now I have even started to write my own lyrics.
Many people believe I want to become a famous artist because of money and fame. Deep down in my heart I just want my story to be heard. After reading the article about the Bridging Program, it gave me the idea of wanting to help more children who share the same stories as me. I want to help them to start realizing their dreams and hopes and to help them go through college to give them a chance to achieve their dreams and hopes. That is my main goal of wanting to become a South Korean rap artist.
I am happy that those children are getting the care they need. I know the money I donated wasn’t much, but at least they’ll know I never forgot them and I never forgot who I am. I am hoping to do more for those children when I achieve my dream. I want to be their strength and hope and help them to live their lives to the fullest.

What a pleasure to read of a once abandoned child that was rescued and given a new lease on life through your partnership with Christian Action.  It’s such a blessing to see the fruits of your labors in this wonderful story of Bingjie now living strong and wanting to give back to those like her. 

Thank you for your continued support in helping Christian Action rescue more children and youth living on the Tibetan Plateau in Qinghai, China.