For the last couple of years, we have shared pictures and stories of Qun who was just a few days old when she came to the Xining Children’s Home in Qinghai. 

She had a rare congenital condition that caused all four of her limbs to be deformed.

This little child has endured many painful surgeries to restore mobility in her legs.  Recently, at the age of 3, she underwent yet another operation which would have been a marathon even for an adult; yet Qun’s body coped with it all. For eight hours, three surgeons worked to remove muscle and skin from Qun’s back, and then transfer it to her right arm – all this aimed at growing a bicep to increase function and mobility.  The operation was successful and she should be able to fully extend and retract her arm in     8-12 weeks.  In November, Qun had a minor surgical procedure which will allow greater flexibility of her toes, and greatly improve her ability to walk.

What a blessing to be a part of Qun’s life – to see her transform from a baby experiencing non-stop agony, unable to be held or move without excruciating pain, to a bright, beautiful and bubbly toddler.  She undoubtedly doesn’t fully understand the many painful procedures she has undergone over the last 3 years to help her to be able to move, stand or even walk.  However, as you can see from her face she is full of hope – so thank you again for your support for Qun and many other children like her living on the Tibetan Plateau in China!

P.S.  On November 11th, Qun joyfully attended the Christian Action 30th Anniversary Celebration in Hong Kong.  All who attended were encouraged to see her vibrant personality and rejoiced to see that she was able to walk without pain!