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A Crowning Achievement - Priceless

When a child with disabilities overcomes physical barriers, is finally able to hold a paintbrush and independently makes his first sweeping stroke of paint across a page, the pride that pours from his soul is undeniable.

When glitter and glue creations created by the little artists at Xining Children's Home during their weekly art class were hung on orphanage walls, their sense of belonging deepened significantly.  

But crowns! Crowns are surely the crowning glory of art!

When the children saw the pre-cut foam crowns they would be decorating, there was an audible gasp of pleasure. The teacher looked on in amazement, watching as little brows knitted in deep concentration while decorations were chosen for individual masterpieces. 

Her surprise doubled when the children put on their finished creations and began praising each other, “Oh you are beautiful!"; "You look like a princess!"  Some children even marched around the room, holding their heads up high, inviting admiration.  

Three-year-old Man Man was chosen as Class Princess. She had worked hard to place her own stickers, insisting "I’ll do it myself!" She knew exactly what she wanted. No one commented on a few upside-down stickers and some coloring outside the lines. The end result was a masterpiece.  Only Man Man’s smile outshone her creation.   

When Man Man's foster mother arrived to collect her she asked, "Who turned you into a princess, Man Man?"  With innocent confidence Man Man replied, "I AM a princess!"

Weekly art classes have become a vital part of the emotional and physical health of our children.  This is where we witness emotions that might previously have been out of control find a creative, safe outlet. 

Thank you for your faithful support in giving Christian Action the privilege to build self-worth, confidence and creativity in our children and youth in Qinghai!