All of the staff at Christian Action work so hard to create a family environment for the orphaned children and youth living in Qinghai, but ultimately, there's nothing like a forever family.  So it's always a joy (tinged with sadness) when we see our adoptive children before they depart for their new country and a new life.

It was no different when we shared the joy of the 'going home' celebration at the airport when Jin Miao Ling left for the US with her forever family last August.  Jin Miao Ling has been given the name Mabel by her adoptive parents, Beth and Zachary Vermillion. She will turn three this year and Beth wrote to CA a few weeks back, wanting to share this exciting update and the adorable photos of Mabel as she continues to grow!

Beth wrote:

"She is doing so well and has adjusted to life with our family better than we could have wished! She started walking recently and even said her first word this week!! Small steps forward make us very excited! We recently got back from a trip to Disneyland and visiting her cousins in Arizona. We are planning on spending a week at the beach this summer, something I think she will really love. Thanks again for all of the amazing work you do in Xining! We are so grateful to Christian Action, her foster parents, and the Children's Welfare Institute in Xining. You can see from the pictures how much she has grown!!"