Zad never knew his father and his mother died giving birth to his half-sister. Zad's step-father sent him to live with his uncle. His uncle couldn't afford to feed, clothe or educate him. The obstacles seemed never-ending in Zad's short life.

His first break came when Zad's uncle placed the boy in the newly-opened Children's Home in Huangnan.  It would be the only chance Zad would have of getting an education.

He applied himself to his studies with great diligence, determined to honor the decision made by his uncle. Gaining university entrance in China is extremely challenging, but Zad knew it would offer him a better future. The day he was accepted for Changsha Civil Affairs Vocational and Technical College was a turning point for Zad.

At university, he studied rehabilitation treatment and technology - the equivalent of a physical therapy qualification in China. He longs to assist the recovery of the injured and ill. During a service trip to a home for the elderly, Zad was able to bring some relief from pain to one of the residents through massage, and mobilization.

Late in 2014, during a session of rough play, Zad fell off his bunk bed and fractured his thigh. He was admitted to the hospital and soon experienced the real love of his 'new' family. The children he had grown up with in the Home took turns visiting him and caring for his every need.  While in the hospital, Zad continued to study diligently and will be ready to start an internship beginning this summer!

He has faced many obstacles in his life but Zad's fierce determination and refusal to give up in times of adversity has earned him a reputation as an overcomer.

Zad has said, "I hope that one day I can be like other kind-hearted people and help those who are in need."

Thanks to your faithful support Zad is on his way to fulfilling his dream in helping others in need.  Your gift lives on through Zad and others and keeps on giving!