"Last month we shared the good news about Christian Action’s new medical bus. Access to the bus is saving countless lives, but it's the men and women who staff the medical team and care for rural residents of Qinghai that are true heroes.

A medical team of eight recently set out for a 10-day trip from Qinghai Welfare Charity Hospital in Xining to Yushu to deliver aid to the poorest of the poor. It was a long trip, but it was the high altitude that was a potential risk. The weather was extremely cold with wind and snow, making it a very tough journey. The team began to suffer varying degrees of altitude sickness along the way. They stopped for a while to adjust, but as they continued, the sickness became worse, and the team eventually defaulted to supplementary oxygen.

As the hospital and Christian Action gained word of what was happening we were very concerned about the dangerous health and weather conditions. Thankfully, the hospital was able to maintain communication with the team. As they continued through the treacherous terrain, the snow was even heavier. At times, they wondered if they would ever make it. There was talk of turning back, but the determination to reach those who needed the aid enabled them to press onward. With God's traveling mercies, the team finally reached their destination after a fifteen-hour journey and began delivering life-saving medical aid to the people of Yushu. Praise God! What incredible dedication to the task of serving others!”

Mrs. Cheung-Ang Siew Mei, Christian Action Executive Director