Christian Action is privileged to help rescue and nurture the orphans, abandoned and “at risk” children and youth in China’s Qinghai Province on the Tibetan Plateau.  It is a beautiful and majestic region as you can see.

Qinghai’s elevation averages nearly two miles above sea level, as the province cuts a wide swath across the harsh Tibetan Plateau.  It is called “The Third Pole” because winters are fierce.  The region is vital as the source of three of China and Asia’s major rivers – The Yangtze, Yellow and Mekong – resulting in still another nick-name:  “The Water Tower of Asia.”

While Qinghai is rich in natural resources and beauty, the harsh environment is a challenge for the region’s 8,000 orphans and 28,000 “at risk” children.  Christian Action is partnering with the government to bring hope and purpose to Qinghai’s poorest children and we would be honored to partner with you for their sake.

Thanks for considering a donation to help us serve the orphans and “at risk” children and youth of Qinghai:  Her greatest beauty!