For many years, Christian Action Executive Director Mrs. Cheung-Ang Siew Mei has called upon the Christian Action Staff to serve and nurture the Children of Qinghai as if they are our own children. This mindset ensures the children will be provided an extra measure of sacrificial love and care.

Recently, the Huangnan Children's Home, which is one of five children's homes that CA co-manages with the government, was awarded the Advance Social Organization Award.

Christian Action social worker, Ms. Xiao Qi, was also awarded the Outstanding Social Worker Award by the Qinghai Social Work Association. This is the first time the Association has presented the award in Qinghai!

Xiao Qi, who has served with Christian Action for almost ten years, shared with us, "Due to differences in customs, languages, and professional expectations, I was overwhelmed at first. Gradually I overcame it and finally recognized my own worth and the community benefits of professional social work. I thank Christian Action, my supervisors and friends for their support."

Xiao Qi has been instrumental in providing hope and purpose to so many children and youth. Next month we tell the story of one of them.

For now, we congratulate Xiao Qi for being so wonderfully acknowledged by her peers and express our thanks to her for treating the Children of Qinghai like her very own!

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