When I was being prayed for at a conference in 2016, there was the image of a quiver of arrows at my side. I shot each arrow in a different direction. Then I collected all those arrows and shot them, all together, in one direction. I immediately knew what that meant.

I believed God was telling me to contact our adopted children and ask them to return to Qinghai and serve in our Children's Homes. That was the beginning of our Back to Serve programme.

Four girls expressed interests in returning to Qinghai, and two of them, Abigail and Bingjie, joined us for the programme.

Last December these inspiring young women shared their stories and answered questions from our CA colleagues. At the end of a time of prayer, my husband Marlon saw these girls each wearing a full suit of armour. "You are spiritual warriors!" he said to them.

After the girls' returned to the US, they were interviewed by Public Radio International, one of the larger US-based radio companies. The piece was featured on a segment called "Across Women's Lives", in which the girls shared their stories. Take a minute to listen and read here.

Abigail and Bingjie faithfully responded to God's call on their lives, going on an emotional, healing journey to reconnect with the people they grew up with and love. Pray with me that there will be many more ‘arrows' going out and returning to help serve and build bridges.

-Siew Mei Cheung
Christian Action Executive Director