The greatest gift to a child in our Qinghai Children's Homes is adoption. We are always deeply thankful when a child is adopted because we know that the love of a family has the potential to influence a child's life forever.

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Kylie was born in 2011 with cerebral palsy. She came to Xining within weeks of her birth. Her name in the children's home was Aiai. In 2013, she was placed in foster care. Our caretakers loved her dearly, and wrote:

Aiai is a very happy baby. She loves to be held and enjoys playing with her foster family. She also understands adult facial expressions as well as their tone of voice…

In the "Needs" section of the report, they wrote, "Aiai needs a forever family who will love her deeply and allow her to grow up happily and reach her full potential." Thanks to God's blessing, our prayers were answered in 2015 when she was adopted by the Dye family from Kentucky, USA. They gave her the name Kylie.

I really enjoy sending birthday cards to each adoptee to remind them and their families that they are always on my heart and in our prayers. This year, Kylie's mother, Stacy, sent us this update for Kylie's birthday:

Hello Siew Mei!
Thank you so much for reaching out to me. That is so kind of you to keep in touch with the little ones on their birthday. I'm happy to share that info with Kylie – she will be so excited to get mail!
Kylie is the sweetest little girl. Oh my goodness, we just adore her so much. We often call her Smiley Kylie because there is rarely ever a time she is not smiling. Please know that you played a very important role in her being adopted into our family. When asked by Ladybugs in Love to help us find info on her as we reviewed her file, you were so quick to respond with such a wonderful update. That made it easy for us to confidently move forward. We thank you so much for that!
Thank you again for your role in our family and Kylie's story. We are forever grateful. If you are ever our way, please let me know. We would love to see you!
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Only with the support and prayers of our Christian Action partners can we help the hundreds of children like Kylie.  Please help us to do the very best for each and every child we serve and care for.