The baby is now a man, and this is the story of how he learned to overcome his disability through the care and love of Christian Action (CA) and many caregivers along the way.

All of us at CA are truly grateful to see how Fei Fei has grown and changed over time. We continue to serve disabled youth who have been left behind and need nurturing love and opportunities to develop their potential and talent, while adding purpose to their lives.

22 years ago, Fei Fei gently cried upon entering this world. Unfortunately, his crying was short-lived, and he was no longer able to speak. Soon, he was diagnosed with autism.

Fei Fei was barely two years old when he was brought to Xining Children’s Home. Because he had difficulties communicating with others, he usually spent time either enjoying the view outside his window, or quietly hiding in a corner. When he turned 18, he was sent to the Social Welfare Institute for Adults.

To facilitate a smooth transition Fei Fei was placed in the Christian Action Bridge Program, so that he could live in a community of young people and receive training to work in a sheltered workshop.

He was given simple tasks such as categorizing and packaging, but it wasn’t easy for him.  He would occasionally lose focus and leave his workplace without permission. Sometimes he would ignore the workshop manager’s instructions which led to complaints. 

One time, Fei Fei panicked when there was a guest tour in the workshop, because he was unfamiliar with the situation. He calmed down after being comforted by his care givers. After they explained the situation and there was further discussion, Fei Fei understood the importance of following instructions and completing his task. In the end, Fei Fei improved so much that he would even help his co-workers with delivering the finished products to the warehouse for storage.

Though Fei Fei is still unable to speak, he is able to understand people’s words and expressions by means of occupational therapy training. Along with gaining working skills, he also learned to follow and comply with the rules of the factory. These helped him adapt better to life at the Social Welfare Institute.

CA is there for each person who isn’t adopted which is usually because of disabilities. We’re in it for the long run; from infancy through adulthood. Christian Action tries in every way to make each child’s life as full as it can be; seeking to do whatever it takes to help them find their place in the community and in society.

It was with the help of our praying and supporting partners that we were able to help Fei Fei and many more of his friends. The number of these special ones is increasing, so we are thankful for your care and sacrificial support to help another Fei Fei today! 

Thank You.