Reunion in DC

Reunion in DC

I have dreamed of reuniting with some of our children and their forever families, and on my recent trip to the US, we were able to make it happen in not one, but two cities! The two reunions were in DC and Los Angeles, and it was everything I could have asked for and more.

Our DC reunion was on the afternoon of 23 June. Marlon and I met with three of our Xining children along with their families.

DC Reunion Siew Mei with Catherine.jpg

The first and youngest guest, baby Catherine, is 22 months old and was adopted late last year. Her father, William, and two brothers Tev and DJ, along with William's nephew and niece coordinated the site and the dinner!

She was very excited to play with all that was around her.

Siew Mei with Leah and her Forever Family.jpg

Leah, who is already over 10 years old, was adopted by Aron and Jenn in 2010. We had the privilege, as a family, of seeing Leah off in Xining when Marlon and Danial accompanied me to Qinghai that year! Leah's parents came along with her two siblings Kyra and Ryann.

Siew Mei and Kylie with her forever family.jpg

Then we had Sue-Mae, knick-named Ms. Smiley Kylie, our six-year-old joyful girl, along with her parents, Stacy and Jack, as well as her three siblings, who were all adopted from China.

DC Reunion Siew Mei with three adoptees.jpg

We spent the afternoon eating delicious food, catching up on life, and sharing what God has been doing in China through Christian Action since 1997. It was encouraging to be in a room full of people who understand the importance of the work we do in the Children's Homes, and especially to be among people who have played such an instrumental role in showing God's love to these precious girls.

I wanted each of the girls to remember this moment, even though some were young, so I gave each one a necklace which included a jade chicken. I chose this because the shape of the chicken is similar to the shape of China on a map. I wanted each child to have a special reminder of their culture and roots as they grow up and pursue their dreams.

I know without a doubt, that each of the people at our reunion was deeply impacted by the special love of adoption. I pray that each family will be willing to share this message of faith and hope with others, and that one day every orphaned or abandoned child will have a forever family.

I look forward to sharing news about the LA reunion. Until then, pray for God's blessing for each of these lovely families.

Siew Mei Cheung-Ang
Executive Director
Christian Action

Ji Shan Has A Family!

Ji Shan Has A Family!

Before he was even a month old, Ji Shan had a rare genetic disorder known as Ellis Van Creveld Syndrome, which causes many complications, including congenital heart disease and musculoskeletal disorders.

In 2015, one of our dear supporters, Mark MacAlpine raised money to support Ji Shan. We had launched our foster care program, so for ten years Ji lived in the loving care of Mr. and Mrs. Peng, his foster parents. This was a sweet time for Ji. His foster mother even carried him up the stairs to their flat to help ease his pain.

Over the years, Ji had several surgeries. Christian Action arranged treatment for him in Shanghai in 2004, and again in 2011. In February 2013, thanks to SK Yee Medical Foundation, Ji had corrective surgery on both of his legs.

And now there's a happy ending! In 2016, the Whirley family from Texas began the process to take him home. He was finally adopted in March 2018. Ji now has a new name – it is Jason. His mother, Liz, wrote:

Jason is officially ours!
Today we did some shopping for J, went to the Qinghai museum, and saw the local pet marketplace. We then went to the orphanage to meet J's foster family. His foster mom is the sweetest lady ever. She clearly adores him after nearly 13 years of caring for him, and was very sad to see him go, but happy that he is now adopted and will have many more opportunities in the U.S. She has fostered 3 other children besides J that I am aware of.

Jason (Ji Shan) with his forever family!

We are so thankful every time a child is matched with a forever family. For Jason, this truly is perfect timing, because he was twelve years old, just two years shy of aging out of the adoption pool in China. 

If you would like to help support the hundreds of abandoned, disabled and “at risk” children living on the Tibetan Plateau in Qinghai China like Ji Shan please visit our donate page.  Anything you can give great or small is used to help each child to become the best he or she can be!

The Love of Family

The Love of Family

The greatest gift to a child in our Qinghai Children's Homes is adoption. We are always deeply thankful when a child is adopted because we know that the love of a family has the potential to influence a child's life forever.

Kylie in Childrens Home.jpg

Kylie was born in 2011 with cerebral palsy. She came to Xining within weeks of her birth. Her name in the children's home was Aiai. In 2013, she was placed in foster care. Our caretakers loved her dearly, and wrote:

Aiai is a very happy baby. She loves to be held and enjoys playing with her foster family. She also understands adult facial expressions as well as their tone of voice…

In the "Needs" section of the report, they wrote, "Aiai needs a forever family who will love her deeply and allow her to grow up happily and reach her full potential." Thanks to God's blessing, our prayers were answered in 2015 when she was adopted by the Dye family from Kentucky, USA. They gave her the name Kylie.

I really enjoy sending birthday cards to each adoptee to remind them and their families that they are always on my heart and in our prayers. This year, Kylie's mother, Stacy, sent us this update for Kylie's birthday:

Hello Siew Mei!
Thank you so much for reaching out to me. That is so kind of you to keep in touch with the little ones on their birthday. I'm happy to share that info with Kylie – she will be so excited to get mail!
Kylie is the sweetest little girl. Oh my goodness, we just adore her so much. We often call her Smiley Kylie because there is rarely ever a time she is not smiling. Please know that you played a very important role in her being adopted into our family. When asked by Ladybugs in Love to help us find info on her as we reviewed her file, you were so quick to respond with such a wonderful update. That made it easy for us to confidently move forward. We thank you so much for that!
Thank you again for your role in our family and Kylie's story. We are forever grateful. If you are ever our way, please let me know. We would love to see you!
Kylie Christmas.jpg

Only with the support and prayers of our Christian Action partners can we help the hundreds of children like Kylie.  Please help us to do the very best for each and every child we serve and care for.