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20 Fruitful Years!

20 Fruitful Years!

Christian Action is now celebrating its 20th Anniversary of helping to rescue and serve the orphans, disabled and abandoned children and youth in Qinghai Province, Northwest China. We have been privileged to partner with the Chinese government to help bring about life and hope to hundreds of children in China’s second poorest province.

During this time, orphan care has been vitally transformed in many ways:

  • In 2007 Christian Action signed a co-operation agreement with the Qinghai Civil Affairs Bureau to co-manage the first children’s home, a loving place for orphaned and abandoned children.
  • In 2007 Christian Action partnered with the government to open Qinghai’s first child rehabilitation center. This state-of-the-art facility serves the children in the home, as well as the entire Xining community, as parents are educated and trained to care for their disabled children. Child abandonment is decreasing as a result!
  • In 2008, the Xining Children’s Home was recognized as one of the Top Ten Child Welfare Institutions in China. Christian Action is currently co-managing five children’s homes in partnership with the local government, caring for about 800 children in five of Qinghai’s eight prefectures.
  • Since 2008, the China Government Ministry of Civil Affairs has been using Xining Children’s Home and Rehabilitation Center as a model for other children’s homes across China for training their directors. This includes on-site visits to observe “The Xining Model” and CA’s commitment to offer our very best to those considered to be “the least of these.”
  • In 2008, Christian Action launched the Education Grant Program. Since then, 1,775 grants have been provided to almost 700 poor Tibetan students (including many from some of the children’s homes where we serve), for high school and tertiary education. Many have graduated and become thriving adults in society, helping to stop the ongoing poverty cycle.
  • In 2014, the Qinghai government once again invited Christian Action to help address a great need: The care and development of mild to severely disabled youth, who, when they turn 18, are “aged out” of the Xining Children’s Home and have to be transitioned to the Xining Social Welfare Institute. In the past this has been a very traumatic transition because the Social Welfare Institute includes residents from the age of 18 to the very elderly and specialized care-giving is very new. The Bridging Group Home was established to provide care and a family community for these young people.
  • The hospital serving the ethnic minorities in Qinghai Province, Charity Hospital, is partnering with Christian Action to enhance its commitment and capacity to provide holistic, preventative and emergency care. Charity Hospital primarily serves Tibetans who live in Xining and throughout the Tibetan Plateau. A medical bus provided by Christian Action goes to remote places on the Plateau, where there is little or no medical care.

Over the past 20 years Christian Action has also:

  • Built 462 winter homes for poor ethnic families, as well as ten schools and two medical clinics.
  • Helped facilitate over 200 international adoptions, as well as local adoptions and foster care.
  • In 2017, CA began its “Back to Serve Program.” Abigail Wrynn Hu Yang Anderson and Liu Bingjie Turner returned this year to serve six months at the Xining Children’s Home where they lived before being adopted by U.S. families fourteen years ago!

Ten-Year Agreement

In October 2015, CA signed a ten-year Cooperation Agreement with the Qinghai Civil Affairs Department designating Christian Action as a “Strategic Partner” to address the rescue and care of Qinghai’s 8,000 orphans and another 28,000 at-risk children and youth throughout the province; more than 50% are Tibetan and Muslim children, as well as other ethnic minorities in Qinghai, while the others are Han Chinese.  This new challenge involves helping to establish a community center in every village in Qinghai to meet the needs of so many children. The government has asked Christian Action to help train the child welfare workers who will manage the community centers and be caseworkers for the abandoned and marginalized children and youth.

New Pediatric Physical and Occupational Therapy Training Center

Christian Action is also in the process of working with the government to build, equip, and co-manage a Pediatric and Occupational Therapy Training Center, which will provide much needed training and therapists for so many disabled children who are desperate for these therapies.

Christian Action is a Registered Foreign NGO in China!

Last November, Christian Action was given foreign NGO (Non-Government Organization) status. Christian Action became the first NGO in Qinghai Province and 235th in all of China. This NGO certification will enable Christian Action to more effectively work towards the goals of the Ten-Year Agreement mentioned above.

Thank You!

Thank you for your interest and for considering partnering with us to serve the Children of Qinghai, some of China’s most needy children and youth!

Celebrating 20 Years in Qinghai!

Celebrating 20 Years in Qinghai!

It's hard to believe that for 20 years Christian Action has been caring for handicapped children and demonstrating God's love in such a remote place on the Tibetan Plateau! That significant milestone demanded a celebration, so we had a special luncheon with ministry workers, pastors, and faithful partners of Christian Action.

The event was a time to reflect on the significance of these years, to celebrate all the ways in which God has moved in Qinghai, and to dream of an even greater future for the children who still need our love and care.

The afternoon brought many beautiful moments. Some of our supporters told the gathering how their trip to Qinghai allowed them to see the hand of God in the expanse of the work from its humble beginnings.

Siew Mei Speech.jpg

Mrs. Siew Mei Cheung

Executive Director of Christian Action

Abigail and Bingjie Speaking at 20 year celebration.jpg

Abigail and Bingjie...

...share their stories with the group assembled for Christian Action's 20 year celebration

Longtime friends, adoptees, donors, supporters, and Christian Action staff all met to celebrate 20 years of bringing love and life to the children of Qinghai.

Longtime friends, adoptees, donors, supporters, and Christian Action staff all met to celebrate 20 years of bringing love and life to the children of Qinghai.

One of the special times was when Bingjie and Abigail, both of whom were adopted, returned to Qinghai to be part of our Back to Serve Program. There were tears as each of them remembered the difficulties of their past and spoke of the hope and the happy future that CA gave them during their time in the Children's Home. They were powerful testimonies.

We closed with a strong call to help CA continue this great service by supporting our work in the years ahead. We are thankful for supporters who have agreed to move into an unknown future, trusting in God's plan for these little children and for the Qinghai community.

I pray you will consider partnering with us.  Seeds of faith have been sown and I am filled with trust that God will grow them by His mighty hand in the coming 20 years!

Mrs. Siew Mei Cheung, Executive Director

Christian Action

Partner with Christian Action Asia this Holiday Season!

Partner with Christian Action Asia this Holiday Season!

Did you know? There are many ways you can support Christian Action Asia this holiday season!


SonGear, a Christian clothing and jewelry web retailer, is teaming together with Christian Action Asia! SonGear's founder, Bob Van Zandt, recently visited China and met with many of the children we are privileged to serve. We are partnering with Bob and SonGear to rescue and nurture thousands of orphaned and disabled children and youth on the Tibetan Plateau in Northwest China. We encourage you to shop online through SonGear this holiday season and follow SonGear on Facebook.


You shop, Amazon gives! When you shop online with AmazonSmile, Amazon donates .5% of your purchase to Christian Action Asia. AmazonSmile has the same products, prices, and service you'd expect from Amazon, with the added benefit of supporting Christian Action Asia with every purchase. If you or anyone you know is shopping on Amazon this holiday season—or anytime throughout the year—we ask you to consider purchasing through AmazonSmile and supporting the abandoned and disabled children and youth of Qinghai, China.


Just $35 a month provides the basic necessities of each child we are serving on the Tibetan Plateau. Give the gift of sponsorship this holiday season and help Christian Action Asia ensure that every child we serve is cared for as if they are our very own. We are rescuing, restoring, and empowering the orphans, the disabled, and their communities in Qinghai province; you can partner with us and help us do it. See our donations page for more information.

We thank you for thinking of Christian Action Asia this holiday season and partnering with us as we serve the children of Qinghai.