Story of Kangkang

Story of Kangkang

Kangkang was born last year, but due to aspiration of amniotic fluid, he experienced respiratory distress a few days after his birth and required emergency intervention twice.  Sadly, Kangkang's mother abandoned him, and he was admitted to our Haxi Children's Home.

Since then, Christian Action has sought medical advice on Kangkang's condition from overseas pediatricians. We sourced an appropriate ventilator for him and supplied infant formula from Hong Kong. Throughout these efforts, there were lots of prayers that Kangkang would have a chance to grow up healthy and in a safe, loving home.

Kangkang is now seven months old, and we are thankful that his condition has been stabilized.  The head of nursing who has taken care of Kangkang shared that he has been eating and sleeping well! This journey to health has not been without challenge. Kangkang had suffered a moderate brain injury due to lack of oxygen, but we remain committed to his care and will continue seeking the best medical care for him.

I know that Kangkang's story will help you see just how much your support is needed not just for Kangkang but for all the abandoned, disabled orphan children and youth living in Qinghai that Christian Action takes care of as if they were their very own.

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Building Confidence!

Zhou Ma DJ.jpg

“Hello every one! I’m the DJ today…” Zhou Ma, a child from Huangnan Children’s Home, confidently spoke into the microphone.

In order to build up language ability and confidence in the children, Christian Action-Huangnan Children’s Home organized the “Our Little DJ” training program. There were 8 children trained with primary education levels, 4 in Han Chinese and 4 in Tibetan language to be a DJ. Zhou Ma was one of the trainees.

Before the official broadcast, CA’s social worker guided the children to do research and taught them about tone and rhythm for broadcasting. Zhou Ma and 7 other children were shy and struggled to express their feelings at the beginning. Some were nervous and did not want to follow the social workers’ instructions. Even so, the social workers encouraged them, and with patience, gained their trust. Meanwhile, the children learned a lot from the training, such as social etiquette, cultural traditions, transport and leisure, and more. The children were able to perform what they learned during the broadcast.

Zhou Ma lacked confidence at the start, and she told her social worker, “I’m very nervous!” before her first broadcast. Since the program, she speaks fluently into the microphone!

There has been a positive change in these 8 children as a result of Our Little DJ.  After the program they now have confidence, they are proactive. They actively participate in activities, integrate more easily in groups, and even communicate with children staying in other dormitories!

Christian Action is happy to see the growth of the children at Huangnan Children’s Home and plan to use this program for the youth with the hope that even more children will be transformed.

Your support helps these children become the best they can be!

An Update from the Dye Family

An Update from the Dye Family

As you know, I recently returned from a fruitful trip to the US and was blessed to have not one, but two reunions with some of our children from Xining. The time spent with them and their loving families was precious, and I am eagerly looking forward to the next reunion.

One of the families we saw in Washington DC were the Dyes and their beautiful daughter Smiley Kylie.

Kylie came to the meeting with her siblings, and we had a wonderful time catching up and sharing stories of how God is at work in our lives.

After reading our first blog on Kylie, Stacy (Kylie’s mom) shared this beautiful story about their perspective throughout the adoption process. I knew how encouraging it would be for you to read it too. We serve such a generous God, and He really is directing our steps!

We were led to our sweet Kylie when her sister Emmie kept pretending she had a sister from China named Kylie and would ask when we were going to get her. Everywhere we went she would imagine 'Kylie' was with us. 'Come on Kylie,' she would say. I just blew it off as an imaginary friend until one day...

It was an advocating post made by our friend Amy that began it all! Facebook is where I first saw her little face alongside the name KYLEE and the words 'Could You Be My Mother?' Those words and that face were the ONLY things on my screen one early morning, and I literally spat my coffee across the table.

It was within no time at all that I had her file in my hands. It was a superfast search that led me to Ladybugs n Love Kelly. Kelly was so awesome! She went straight to work and within hours provided us with lots of info, videos, and updates on our girl! She got all of the info via an in-China contact: Angela and Siew Mei Cheung-Ang, Christian Action Executive Director!

It was a complete and total God thing. It was Orphan Sunday in China, and Siew Mei had placed Kylie's name on the list of children to pray for that day that she would soon have a family. How about that? There I was...asking about her within hours of that prayer. Siew Mei generally spent a lot of her time in Hong Kong but just so happened to be visiting the very place where Kylie was living that day.

Coincidence? I don't think so. It was all part of God's perfect plan, and things fell right into place that weekend. We now call the little sweetheart in the photo Kylie Sue-Mae Dye!

We couldn't possibly love her more! She is our little Smiley Kylie!

It is so encouraging to see the way that God arranged the meeting of this sweet girl with the perfect family for her. Again, I am so thankful that we had the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the Dye family, and I cannot be more excited about Kylie's bright future.

Siew Mei Cheung-Ang
Executive Director
Christian Action