Saving Orphans and Abandoned Children

In 1998, Christian Action (CA) became involved with programs for orphans and abandoned children by co-managing Qinghai Province’s first children's home with the Civil Affairs Bureau in Xining, the provincial capital. We have cared for over 400 children in the Xining Children’s Home, which is designed and equipped specifically for their needs. Nearly 90% of our children suffer from some sort of physical or mental disability. At the home, we provide children and youth with a rehabilitation program and special education led by experienced therapists. We believe that the earlier these disabled children receive such treatment, the more independent they can become in life. When necessary, Christian Action also raises funds and arranges for specialized medical treatment, reconstructive and life-saving surgeries.

In order to better serve the children, CA facilitates overseas adoptions to date 189 children have begun new lives with their "forever families" in the US, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Canada and the Netherlands.  CA also places children and youth with loving foster families, for whom we also provide support.  Foster care has proved to be richly rewarding for the children and their new families, as well as vital for the community as the public is beginning to understand the value and needs of children with disabilities.  CA also oversees four small group homes that provide a family-like environment for a variety of age groups.