Serving Disabled Children

Christian Action has served disabled children at the Xining Children’s Home for 18 years now, and the experience has been invaluable as we work to promote their acceptance and rights in Qinghai. Despite the unusually high rate of birth defects, no resources were previously available to help parents deal with their child’s mental or physical disabilities. We were thrilled when funds became available for a children's rehabilitation center - the first ever in the province, which the government invited us to help set up and run!

In October 2007, the Xining Children's Rehabilitation Center was opened to serve special needs children from the Xining Children's Home and the local community. Because this was a brand new field for the locals, we brought together a team of Hong Kong-based professionals to assist local builders and staff with designing and equipping the center.

Occupational and physical therapists, special education teachers and social workers were also brought in to work with the children and to train local families and staff. The latter group will eventually run the centre once they are fully qualified.

The Center has won numerous national awards — but, more importantly, special needs children and their parents are learning life-changing skills and don’t feel as isolated as they once did. It is our goal that by increasing independence for the disabled, supporting their families, educating the public and encouraging their acceptance of the disabled, these children will no longer be abandoned.